What are Payroll Management Services?

Payroll is an umbrella term that gives meaning to several aspects of employee salaries. It is referred to as the chain of duties for managing the salary you pay to your employees.

Now, payroll management means the proper supervision and management of the financial records of the salaries, bonuses, wages, deductions, net pay, and incentives of employees. It also involves correct tax payments on time and appropriate knowledge about the total expenses.

Several emerging companies are now hiring third-party payroll outsourcing companies in India to manage their entire payroll system. It is helping them to shed off a burden of a time-consuming, strenuous task that doesn’t contribute to the growth of the business. 

Importance of Payroll Outsourcing Services

Being a businessman, you must know the significance of payroll management. It is a massive task that must get done under professional supervision. Or else, your business can miss a tax payment deadline easily, which has the power to harm your company’s reputation in minutes. Also, it is crucial to have thorough, up-to-date knowledge about the new legal additions.

So, outsourcing your company’s payroll management services can bring you many benefits. The external payroll company in India will clarify all the legislative compliance of your business. They will also work on regulatory compliance to provide top-class data security. Most importantly, you would no longer have to deal with the timely payment of your employees while including and deducting the necessary aspects every month. The payroll management company will handle everything for you

Services Offered by Our Payroll Management Company

Employee Onboarding

When new employees become part of your organization, our Indian payroll company will manage every aspect of the onboarding process. This encompasses conducting inductions, providing comprehensive insights into your company, including its goals and expectations.


Defining the Payroll Policy

Within your business, management-approved policies play a pivotal role in shaping your payroll procedures. These policies encompass employee benefits, compensation, leave policies, attendance, and more.

Gathering and Verifying Employee Information

Efficient payroll processing necessitates the outsourcing company to be well-informed about employee particulars, such as addresses, PAN numbers, bank account details, and other essential information.

Once the employee inputs are collected, our outsourcing experts meticulously validate the details against your company's policies. This comprehensive process guarantees the inclusion of all current employees and ensures that each employee receives every benefit offered by the company model.


Calculating Payroll

This stage is of immense significance for apparent reasons. In this step, our payroll outsourcing company in India will process the validated information into modern systems to calculate every employee’s pay correctly.

We will also have the results of the entire expenses for providing salaries along with the exact calculations of other big and small company expenses. All the automatic software we use will tell us about the tax dues of your company during this step.

Punctual Salary Distribution

Outsourcing payroll brings a significant advantage: your employees can consistently expect timely salary disbursement. Let's face it – timely compensation is a crucial aspect for employees, and outsourcing payroll management guarantees just that.

Moreover, traditional methods involving older technology often led to prolonged salary disbursement due to intricate calculations, bank approvals, and various other factors. Today, thanks to the advanced salary disbursement feature in payroll software utilized by leading outsourcing companies, the entire process can be accomplished with a single click.


Tax Management

After completing the on-time salary disbursement, the next step is tax management. Our payroll services experts already have your tax dues reports from previous stages. Now we will manage it against the current tax law structure to clear your taxes most efficiently. 

Expense Accounting

In addition to managing salary and tax disbursements, your business incurs various other expenses that require oversight by outsourcing experts. Our payroll service provider company is dedicated to delivering timely and accurate reports, ensuring that you have comprehensive data readily available regarding your business expenses. Proper accounting of expenses is a fundamental and vital responsibility undertaken by an external payroll services provider.


Distributing PaySlips & Tax Pay Documents

The top payroll management companies in India have to distribute payslips to your employees. It is generally among the last tasks for a month’s payroll. All the tax documents will get sent to you right after the payment or when the documents will get received.

Why Choose Manpower Outsource For Payroll Management Services?

Manpower Outsource is a leading payroll management company renowned for efficiently handling several industry-leading businesses’ payrolls. Here are a few reasons why most emerging businesses choose us : 


100% Data Security

Manpower Outsource guarantees 100% data security by using only the most updated software to manage your company's payroll. Our experts pocket extensive experience and knowledge in handling your company's data most securely.


Keeping Up With Compliance

Legislative and regulatory compliance are two main pillars of payroll services. Manpower Outsource keeps up with all compliances, so you don't have to worry. Our experts have updated knowledge about the recent laws.


Payroll Experts At Your Service

We are proud to have payroll experts on our team with extensive knowledge and experience in this field. They have never given any company a cause to complain. Our payroll experts are available at all times to solve your queries.


Total Accuracy Maintained

Our team is made of payroll professionals, so there is no chance of inaccurate details or misinformation. We always ensure the correct inputs and validate them before beginning any task.


Customizable and Flexible

One essential barrier of outsourcing is being customizable and flexible to your clients. So we put extra effort into bringing you all the power to customize our services and have complete flexibility.


Reasonable Prices

Our services are reasonably priced, aligning with the market rates. We believe every company, including start-ups, should be able to afford payroll services. Our world-class services will not dig a hole in your pocket.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    • What payroll functions can be outsourced?

      ● Payroll functions can be outsourced to an external payroll service provider company, including financial records of employees' incentives, salaries, bonuses, wages, deductions, net payments, and legal and tax accounting.

    • What is payroll outsourcing?

      ● Payroll Outsourcing is a business practice in which a company hires an external Payroll management agency to manage accurate and timely paychecks of employees and tax and legal accounting. It enables organizations to maintain accuracy and frequency in distributing paychecks timely, along with keeping a record of employees' incentives, salaries, bonuses, wages, deductions, and net payments.

    • What are the risks associated with payroll outsourcing?

      ● As with many other outsourcing practices, some risks are associated with payroll outsourcing. These are -

      ● Transition time and implementation plan at the correct place.

      ● Service requirements are not mentioned in the contract.

      ● A severe concern is associated with data security.

      ● Lack of control and expertise of staff over the entire payroll process.

      ● Poor quality of payroll services.

    • Do large companies outsource payroll?

      ● Yes. Large companies have a massive number of employees working for the organization. So, keeping an accurate financial record of their salaries and timely employee payment becomes hectic and overwhelming for in-house Payroll management staff. That's why large enterprises usually opt for payroll outsourcing.