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Hiring an employee is simple today, but it is a big task to hire an employee who is skilled and has values and potential. There are millions of job-seekers in the market with a degree. The biggest drawback is merely being good at what they are doing; thus, the responsibility of an HR increases to find someone who will be an asset to the company. It is essential to hire the best candidate to save time and resources for the company.

Manpower Outsource, an HR management company in India, helps resolve the issue of maintaining the best human capital in the market. It helps to reduce a company’s most time-consuming responsibility of hiring the best instantly. It brainstorms on behalf of the company and provides only the best human resource. The best part is it also helps save a lot on the monetary resources.

HR Services Offered by Us

HR & Payroll management services is an umbrella term under which a lot of HR Outsourcing services are offered. Some of them are listed below:

  • Online payroll services
  • Rolling out offer and appointment letters
  • Staff details on our payroll software
  • Attendance management
  • Salary breakups
  • Maintaining employee's background and record from joining to termination
  • Employees' promotion record
  • Form 16/12B with digital signature
  • Income tax return processing and filling
  • Online proof verification
  • Reports, MIS, Journal voucher
  • Maintaining salary distribution record, tax record, and reimbursement.

key reasons to hire us

Our HR Consulting company in India helps resolve the issue of maintaining the best human capital in the market. It helps to reduce a company’s most time-consuming responsibility of hiring the best instantly and managing them from appointment to resignation.

We focus entirely on the quality, core values, efficiency, team skills, and cost-saving when it comes to human resources. Your company can primarily focus on growth and profitable business deals and transactions.


Customized Benefits

No two companies are the same. Our HR management company understands the company's requirements and caters to them the best bouquet of services accordingly.


Cost Saving

The services we provide do not burn a hole in the pocket. Well researched requirements lead to finding resources that are the best fit for your expectations, and cost is optimized.


Calculation of Salaries & Taxes

Accuracy is a priority in businesses, and we provide accurate calculations. Our well-qualified team handles these services error-free, fast and precise in numbers. 


Upgraded Technical Process

We have streamlined our processes by using the latest technology available at our disposal, making us quite effective in the outsourcing business.


Convenient and Flexible

We understand the importance of a flexible system in an unforeseeable challenging environment. We offer lucrative plans for all kinds of organizations and are adaptable to scale according to the client's needs.


Time Saving

Hiring and managing resources for your company is a time-consuming task. Instead, this time can be utilized better in growing your company. Our main objective is to save your maximum time by providing smooth and step-by-step solutions.


Guaranteed Satisfaction

When you choose Manpower Outsource, you choose peace of mind and stability. We abide by the government's laws and maintain punctuality in tax filing, salary distribution, and sharing bonuses and dividends.


Confidential and Reliable

Our HR services company always focusses on providing reliable services to its clients. Any business keeps its employee-related information confidential, and we make sure to maintain it like that.


Fast and Smooth Process

Counted among the best HR outsourcing companies, we believe in being the fastest in the service provided. Businesses have limited time resources, and we understand that.

HR Management Services

We are one of the best when it comes to HR outsourcing companies in India. We consistently make efforts to provide the best services for our clients, updating ourselves with the latest software for clients and candidates.

The clients trust us and hand over their payroll tasks to us. Companies cannot burden themselves with a complex payroll system, so outsourcing is better.

With passing years and the quality to always upgrade ourselves, we have gained expertise in this field. We never limit ourselves to one particular service; instead, we focus on building a strong team of experts in different kinds of services.

We understand the importance of other services in a company. Maintaining an efficient human capital is no cakewalk, but with our variety of services, we tend to make it rapid and smooth.

manpower outsource

Why Choose Manpower Outsource?

  • Specialists in Talent Sourcing
  • Simple Pricing Structure
  • Team Available 24x7x365
  • Streamlined & Documented Processes
  • Technologically-driven
  • Great Amount of Flexibility & Scalability
  • Immediate Grievance Redressal
  • Continuous Process of Knowledge & Skill Enhancement

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    • Can you outsource HR for a small business?

      Certainly, yes. Any business organization, regardless of its size and experience, can opt for outsourcing HR. Small businesses get various advantages if they outsource HR. As they have a small team at the beginning, they can focus more on business development and have all the benefits of having an incredible human resource team to work dedicatedly for their growth.

    • What are the main benefits of outsourcing HR?

      ● The main benefits of outsourcing HR include -

      ● Save more money and time with reduced administration costs.

      ● Get the benefits of more services because of reduced limitations.

      ● Effective and right employees with enhanced employee experience.

      ● Lowers risks with Successful risk management

      ● Productive performance management

      ● Streamlining essential business operations.

    • What are HR outsourcing strategies?

      ● Some of the essential HR outsourcing strategies are listed below -

      ● Understanding the difference between the cost and value of HR.

      ● Internal scrutiny and baselining

      ● Aligning appropriate technology to support operational goals and objectives

      ● Recognizing core competencies

      ● Addressing and enforcing performance metrics.

    • What are the challenges of outsourcing HR?

      ● Along with so many benefits, HR faces some challenges while outsourcing. These are -

      ● Less flexibility and lack of control

      ● Disconnection with in-house staff

      ● Difficulties in handling cultural changes

      ● Security and privacy problems