Hire Data Mining Experts

There is a plethora of information, and it is just growing in quantity.

We’ll work with you to large aggregate amounts of data and convert them into practical, actionable suggestions to improve your overall performance. We can offer experts who can monitor on millions of sources using patented data mining tools, and can transform that information into meaningful and intelligible information.

Every firm that wishes to succeed in today’s competitive market climate must engage in an acknowledgment discovery process. It enables them to develop plans that are both future-focused and fail-proof. Manpower Outsource understands the value of data mining well, and we provide highly tailored data mining experts to our clients at a very reasonable amount. 

As one of the top online data mining expert outsourcing firms, we make sure that our experts adhere to industry best practices in classification, clustering, regression, pattern recognition, and other data mining standards and regulations. It allows them to solve complex business issues with our query tools and other data mining software.

Our recognized professionals have a broad range of data mining expertise in various industries, including academia, the real estate business (including finance), and marketing and legal services (amongst others). We also have experts for data mining in the financial services industry and social media data mining services.

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    Services Our Data Mining Professionals are Expert in

    When predicting future trends and analyzing data, our experts utilize the most up-to-date methodologies as a complete service data-mining expert outsourcing firm. Manpower Outsource can provide data extraction professional since we have the professional technological know-how to extract meaningful information from large amounts of data to provide in-depth insights to your firm. Our expert provides the following services.

    The Exploration of Web-Based Data

    By using our powerful data mining techniques, our experts mine data from across the web based on your business requirements, whether they are private or public. They have shown proficiency in providing complete online data mining for your analytical team.


    Data Mining on Social Media Platforms

    Manpower Outsource’s social media data mining experts ensure that you receive vital information relevant to your business interests by filtering through billions of posts, interactions, user profiles, and metadata to analyze trends and keep you updated. Manpower Outsource’s social media data mining experts are available to businesses of all sizes and industries.

    SQL Data Mining

    Our data mining experts can create large information databases for modeling, which is ideal for businesses of all sizes. When you outsource data mining services to Manpower Outsource, you gain access to an unlimited amount of information available on the internet because our data mining experts can create large information databases for modeling.


    Data Mining Using Images

    Using Manpower Outsource experts image data mining services, customers may obtain and analyze photos from various datasets and sources. Our professionals have helped customers with multiple benefits, including real estate services, medical picture evaluation, tagging, mapping analysis, criminal investigations, geosciences, weather forecasting, etc.

    Data Mining in Excel

    As a seasoned service provider, we have a highly qualified pool of specialists that can create or modify an existing excel database and apply various models and algorithms. Organizations find this the most helpful tool for financial and business planning.


    Word Data Mining

    Our licensed personnel can extract and analyze information from large amounts of text stored in databases, printed materials, or Microsoft Word documents. Financial transaction data, legal challenges, and medical and scientific research are just a few of the areas in which we have provided services in the past.

    Data Mining Using PDFs

    Our experts extract information from PDFs and other resources to satisfy our clients’ goals, using proprietary technology and a variety of macros and algorithms. They make every effort to meet the project’s needs while ensuring that the information is easily accessible.


    Web Data Extraction

    Manpower Outsource’s highly skilled employees can retrieve information from a wide range of unstructured sources, including online databases, emails, web pages, and various other sources. They then store them in databases that one may reuse to make convenient storage, processing, migration, and analysis.

    Data Mining from Online Marketplaces

    Manpower Outsource experts can gather massive amounts of data from websites and online marketplaces, either through current automated technologies or via the development of new ones.


    Various Other Data Mining Services

    Fraud detection, competition analysis, customer segmentation, metadata extraction, and data interpretation are just a few strategies used to conduct data mining for each organization uniquely which our experts excel in. Apart from that, we offer professionals for specialized Data Mining in Financial Services and generate data-driven spreadsheets.

    Why Choose Manpower Outsource?


    Guarantee Accuracy

    Our quality assurance specialists guarantee 99.99 percent correctness and verify that the information at all levels is accurate, consistent, coherent, and arranged in the appropriate format due to the use of quality check mechanisms embedded into the system.


    Obtain Extra Leads Every Month

    Our data entry specialists are well aware of the concept behind the procedure and work hard to create an exponential number of leads for the benefit of our customers.


    Genuine Surveys

    Surveys and questionnaires provide information that other sources cannot. Because we take this procedure extremely seriously, our experts can provide you with accurate results. Their stats are among the most impressive in the business.


    Presence on a Global Scale

    We provide experts for online research services via a network anywhere in the world. Our data mining experts are proficient to work with companies outside India too.