Hire Data Entry Experts


Data entry is among the most crucial tools that organize the information of your business. Considered a significant aspect, data entry contributes to the entire development of your business.

Accurate and regular data entry is a vital task that every company needs to maintain. It is like a backbone to your business that tracks your company’s growth and maintains a systematic way of organizing every single electronic data.

Without efficient data entry, your company cannot maintain up-to-date records of several aspects related to your business. Thus, eventually, businesses will fail to perform the way they should and will not grow as an industry.

Data entry includes the entire process of entering, verifying, and editing electronic data in computers as records. Our data entry professionals handle and maintain your company’s data and add it to the electronic databases with utmost accuracy using several data processing programs. Data entry operators store the essential data like sales figures, transcribed notes from a meeting, and many more into the database and electronic formats.

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    Why Hire Data Entry Operators?

    • Data Entry keeps all the necessary information about your business in one place for quick reference
    • It contributes significantly to elevating employee efficiency.
    • Insufficient data, inaccurate database entry, or the lack of it can cause major harm to a company's reputation, leading to low profitability and services.
    • Data entry significantly lowers the cost of operations by reducing infrastructure expenses.
    • Hiring data entry experts single-handedly enhances your company's efficiency to the next level.
    • The well-organized process of data entry into systems ensures utmost confidentiality to your business.

    Types of Jobs To Hire Our Data Entry Experts for:

    • Basic Data Entry Operator
    • Data Entry Keyer
    • Data Entry Typist / Word Processor
    • Data Entry Transcriptionist

    Basic Data Entry Operator

    It involves entering data in text files, generally in Microsoft Word documents, and converting text, figures of numbers into a PDF document to an editable file.


    Data Entry Keyer

    A data entry Keyer is responsible for handling data from hard copies to computer software using the latest data processing methods. The person also scans and enters data and figures to ensure accuracy.

    Data Entry Typist/Word Processor

    A data entry typist’s main role is to type text data with great speed and precision into data cells. The person is also responsible for copying data from various other platforms and entering them into spreadsheets and Word, keeping all the information ready to use for report making and future analysis.


    Data Entry Transcriptionist

    A Transcriptionist will convert any audio files into precise text documents for observation records, procedures, and future references. It includes any conversation which needs to be recorded and formed into data, such as meetings, important calls, etc. A Transcriptionist will listen to all the audio recordings and turn them into informative data in word documents.

    Why Choose Manpower Outsource?


    Excellent Time Efficiency

    Our data entry operators professionals value your time the most. They are trained and have vast experience in different data entry roles to guarantee you quality work within deadlines set by you. Maintaining 100% accuracy in short timings or deadlines and working under pressure is one of their characteristics.


    World-class Services

    We take pride in the service we provide as we can assure you of total satisfaction. Our high-quality services are designed to welcome a systematic environment for your company where every little data is thoroughly checked and then selected to convert. So, you will have all the essential data always in hand for analysis and you will not be missing out on anything you will require in the future.


    Accuracy & Speed Guaranteed

    Accuracy and speed are the two main factors of a highly qualified data entry job professional. When you hire data entry experts from us, we, ensure handling, entering, and maintaining your data with utmost correctness and precision. Our data entry professionals have years of experience in managing heavy workloads in a short time, so they guarantee you more speedy work in less time.


    Total Security

    Data security is a fundamental aspect. You should not compromise on this crucial factor that can lead to unwanted damage to your company. Manpower Outsourcing ensures you total data security to safeguard the confidentiality of your business. You will not need to worry about data leaking because our experts use only the best, most up-to-date, and most secure methods and techniques.